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Stay tuned for new 2017 funding opportunities coming later this year. 

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2016 SCN Research Funding Results

SCN is funding a total of 31 goal-directed projects from across Canada that are moving research from lab bench to bedside in areas such as brain injury, kidney disease and breast cancer. SCN researchers are also working to tackle emerging policy issues relevant to the field, such as gene editing and misleading marketing claims. Today’s funding is being matched with partner support of $20 million.

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Impact Research Program

The Impact Research Program will provide $1.54M for 17 projects that span clinical translation, commercialization and public policy.  A total of 27 investigators (17 Principal Investigators & 10 Co-investigators) at 15 research institutions will benefit and more than 60 trainees will be engaged. Diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and kidney disease will all be studied. Commercialization topics include 3D printing of neural tissues, and the scalable production of engineered micro tissues.


The Disease Team Research Program will provide $3.281M for 8 projects. A total of 41 investigators (8 Principal Investigators & 33 Co-Investigators) at 11 institutions and more than 80 trainees will be engaged. Multidisciplinary teams supported through this program are focused on novel cellular or stem cell-related therapeutic approaches to treat disease. Commercialization is an important component for this program, as projects must demonstrate a path to market or clinic. Research supported from this competition will address treatments for diseases such as arthritis, liver failure, and type 1 diabetes. In addition, support will be provided to further ongoing research that is looking at existing drugs for the regeneration of neural tissue after a brain injury.


The Clinical Trials Program will provide $4.214M for 6 trials. A total of 38 investigators (6 Principal Investigators & 32 Co-Investigators) at 12 institutions and 50 trainees will be engaged in these trials, which will determine the safety and efficacy of new stem cell treatments in humans. This is the first time in SCN’s history that it has offered support for clinical trials. This program supports phase I/II trials with the potential to be economically viable for health care systems and show a benefit to patients. Funded trials will focus on a spectrum of health issues including treating fatal illnesses such as septic shock, evaluating a stem cell therapy for diabetes, and expanding stem cells from cord blood for efficacious and cost effective transplantation. Researchers will also be working in the areas of acute myocardial infarction, liver transplantation and type 1 diabetes.