Wing Chang, Director of Tissue Stem Cell Biology, STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Dr. Wing Chang is currently the Director of Tissue Stem Cell Biology at STEMCELL Technologies Inc., Canada. He oversees several stem cell groups developing innovative products for culturing stem and progenitor cells from skin, lung, and hematopoietic tissues. Prior to this he spent several years as the Director of Research & Development at STEMCELL Technologies UK in Cambridge UK, leading projects related to pluripotent stem cells and organoid technologies. He has been integral in the development of numerous products at STEMCELL Technologies. Dr. Chang also serves as an instructor in several of STEMCELL Technologies’ Pluripotent Stem Cell training courses. Dr. Chang received his PhD from the University of Western Ontario, where he studied cell cycle regulatory factors and their role in keratinocyte stem cell self-renewal and differentiation with Dr. Lina Dagnino. During his postdoctoral training with Dr. William Stanford at the University of Toronto and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, he examined transcriptional networks in human embryonic stem cells and iPSCs important for stem cell self-renewal and differentiation.