IGNITE 2022–2025, is built on three core pillars: research, training and knowledge mobilization.

Since 2001, SCN has built stem cell research strength in Canada and established an outstanding international reputation. As Canada’s only national network supporting stem cell research and regenerative medicine, SCN will continue leading the way in building a vibrant sector that is yielding scientific advancements, fuelling clinical trials, delivering health solutions for patients and enabling company creation and growth. Just as the sector is evolving, so too is the Stem Cell Network. Going forward, SCN will be guided by a new vision:

To power life-saving therapies and technologies through regenerative medicine research for the benefit of all

IGNITE 2022‒2025 reflects SCN’s five key objectives that are founded on two fundamental building blocks: good governance and a commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all our work.

Our 2022-2025 Objectives:

Powered by two decades of success, SCN aims to ensure regenerative medicine is a cornerstone of Canada’s health and economic recovery. We are at the beginning of an exciting new chapter and we are inviting scientists, patients, industry, like-minded organizations and Canadians to join SCN on this journey — a time of promise and opportunity for Canada.

In Conversation with SCN’s Leadership
As SCN charts the next 20 years, members of the Network’s leadership team offer their thoughts on what this next chapter will look like and why it matters for the stem cell and regenerative medicine sector in Canada.
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