The Regenerative Medicine Alliance of Canada (RMAC) is a voluntary organization composed of national, provincial and regional organizations committed to building a robust regenerative medicine sector in Canada. Regenerative medicine is commonly described as the process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to establish or restore normal function. All RMAC members have mandates relevant to stem cell research and/or regenerative medicine.

RMAC founding members:


BCREGMED (Regenerative Medicine Cluster Initiative in BC) was formed in 2017 to unite and support the province’s researchers and stakeholders around a groundbreaking, Canadian-led clinical trial for a new diabetes stem cell therapy. The cluster’s members are also working to raise funds for research in regenerative medicine, to open new research and training opportunities in the field, and to widen the pipeline from discovery to therapy, creating positive health and economic impacts. Read more about BCREGMED here.


Founded in 2014 by scientists working in regenerative medicine, CellCAN’s mission is to accelerate cell therapy research for diseases and conditions that were once thought to be incurable. The network promotes collaboration among a wide variety of regenerative medicine stakeholders, including scientists, clinicians, funding agencies, policy-makers, and people living with diseases and conditions. Read more about CellCAN here.

Centre for Drug Research and Development

 The Centre for Drug Research and Development works with nearly 100 partners to catalyze innovations and translate them into therapeutic products. It does so by recognizing the most promising discoveries in early stages and supporting that research with its global outreach and powerful network of life sciences stakeholders, who connect drug developers with commercialization experts. Read more about the CRDC here.


CCRM (originally the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine) was founded by a group of stem cell scientists and bioengineers to advance progress and encourage global collaboration in regenerative medicine. CCRM’s mission is to establish regenerative medicine as a major industry in Canada in order to reap its promised health, scientific and economic benefits. Read more about CCRM here.


The Centre for Commercialization of Cancer Immunotherapy (C3i), created in 2016 with the ultimate goal to accelerate access to innovative cancer immunotherapies for patients and to be a catalyst for cancer immunotherapy business development. Cancer Immunotherapy (CI) is revolutionizing cancer care by bringing novel and efficacious approaches with unprecedented curative potential. Read more about C3i here.

Medicine by Design

Medicine by Design is a University of Toronto initiative that harnesses the expertise of researchers working on campus and in affiliated hospitals. The program enriches collaboration among several disciplines — such as medicine, engineering, math and life sciences — to discover new cell therapies and strengthen the region’s biomedical ecosystem. Read more about Medicine by Design here.

Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine

The Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine builds on Ontario’s legacy as the birthplace of stem cell research. OIRM is a crucial network for Ontario scientists and clinicians as well as business and industry leaders who are working towards the commercialization of effective new treatments in regenerative medicine. Read more about OIRM here.

Stem Cell Network

Building Canada’s stem cell and regenerative medicine research sector has been the raison d’être of the Stem Cell Network (SCN) since its inception in 2001. In just over 17 years, SCN has forged a national community that has transformed stem cell research and pushed basic research towards translational outcomes for the clinic and marketplace. SCN has catalyzed 18 clinical trials, 17 regenerative medicine start-up companies and leveraged a $100 million in partner contributions. SCN has invested over $100 million into research, which has benefitted 170 world-class research groups and more than 2,500 trainees from across Canada.


Quebec’s Réseau de thérapie cellulaire et tissulaire, known as ThéCell, is funded by Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS). ThéCell supports clinical trials and cell and tissue therapy research in Quebec, but the network is pursuing discoveries and therapies for the benefit of everyone in Canada and around the world. Read more about ThéCell here.