Career Development

The multidisciplinary research and training program offered by the Stem Cell Network enriched and accelerated the careers of hundreds of young researchers, many of whom can now be found across industry, government and academia.

story-careerDevelopment-1The Stem Cell Network’s career development investments focused on recruiting and training highly qualified personnel, promoting an enriched and multidisciplinary training environment, engaging trainees in Network activities and retaining talent for Canada. Specific SCN initiatives included funding for studentships, fellowships, research grants, workshops and more. In all aspects of the training program, the Network promoted collaboration and networking by providing opportunities for young talent to engage with each other and with leading research labs across the country.

As a demonstration of the program’s success, more than three-quarters of those trainees who have been involved with SCN since 2001 have chosen to stay in Canada after leaving the Network. Graduates have successfully leveraged their SCN training to careers in academia, government, industry, advocacy and outreach.


  • Independent research conducted by the University of British Columbia’s National Core for Neuroethics found that the Stem Cell Network was successful in recruiting and training highly-qualified personnel, promoting an enriched multidisciplinary training environment, engaging trainees in Network activities, and retaining talent for Canada
  • 76% of trainees remained in Canada even after graduating from the Network
  • 340 research stipend awards distributed to trainees from 2001 to 2014
  • “The Stem Cell Network has been an unparalleled program for fostering the career development of many young Canadian scientists. Through its trainee awards and numerous workshops and courses, several of my own graduate students and post-doctoral fellows have enhanced their research talents, undoubtedly elevating my research program to the next level.” Dr. Dean Betts, University of Western Ontario, SCN Principal Investigator from Sept. 2012

  • “By enabling a rich (and highly unique) training experience that includes exposure to world-leading stem cell research and scientists, specialized technical workshops and funding opportunities, the Stem Cell Network has been instrumental in my scientific development.” Dr. Jeff Biernaskie, University of Calgary, SCN Trainee since April 2003, SCN Principal Investigator since July 2011
  •  “The SCN was instrumental in establishing my career path as a research scientist—as a postdoctoral fellow I was ushered into the field of stem cell research and established a network of mentors and colleagues that helped me to establish my own research program.” Dr. Cheryle Séguin, University of Western Ontario, SCN Trainee since June 2005, SCN Principal Investigator since April 2012
  • “The Stem Cell Network welcomed me as a trainee and bridged my challenging transition into life as a PI, with all of the support, collegiality, and mentorship I could ask for from a community of brilliant and successful scientists.” Dr. Sheila Singh, McMaster University, SCN Trainee since June 2005, SCN Principal Investigator since Aug. 2008

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