Catalyzing New Organizations

The Stem Cell Network was critical for strategically identifying structural gaps in the Canadian stem cell research landscape and bringing together diverse stakeholder groups to seize those opportunities through the incubation and launch of new organizations.

story_catalizingOrganizations-1During its 14-year mandate, the Stem Cell Network remained vigilant for structural gaps in the Canadian stem cell research landscape. When these gaps were identified, the Network was uniquely successful in bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders to find solutions that would accelerate the progress of the field of stem cell research.

The groups catalyzed by SCN represent solutions from across the stem cell landscape, from basic research to clinical translation. These new organizations responded to new opportunities in international collaboration and knowledge sharing, cancer stem cell research, championing stem cell research in Canada, commercializing new developments and accelerating clinical trials from the lab bench to the clinic.

Without the Stem Cell Network, many of these organizations would not have been possible. Each of them represent part of the Network’s emphasis on building long-term capacity to ensure Canada remains a leader in stem cell research well into the future.


  • Establishment of the International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks in 2004
  • Establishment of the Cancer Stem Cell Consortium in 2007
  • Establishment of the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation in 2008

  • Establishment of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine in 2011
  • Establishment of the CellCAN Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Network in 2014
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