Cutting-Edge Skills Development

The Stem Cell Network worked diligently to identify key areas where enhanced training, provided on a national scale, would have direct benefits on research outcomes and also for Canada’s future scientists and clinicians.

One of the Stem Cell Network’s chief priorities was training the next generation of scientists to maintain Canada’s status as one of the world’s top countries for stem cell research. Part of this challenge was in helping young scientists keep pace with rapidly advancing technology to get maximum value from their research. To address this, the Network launched the Thematic Workshop Grant in 2005, a program that invited researchers to develop relevant and practical courses that would give trainees exposure to new technology and information.


SCN principal investigators and staff have developed more than a dozen training courses in topics ranging from ethical, legal and social issues of stem cell research, high-throughput screening and other specialized lab techniques, science communications, genome editing and clinical translation. Hundreds of trainees have benefited from these courses, ensuring that the future of stem cell research in Canada remains in good hands.


  • 74 courses and workshops supported by SCN from 2001 to 2015

  • 879 training awards distributed to SCN trainees for courses and workshops from 2001-2015

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