Patient Engagement

The Stem Cell Network engaged world-leading researchers and ethicists to provide Canadians with credible and accessible information on the latest advancements in stem cell research.

story_patientEngagement-1The fast-paced nature of stem cell research and the hope it holds for patients can, at times, result in outdated or incorrect information being spread widely through the press or the internet. To ensure Canadians have access to accurate information, particularly in regard to their health, the Stem Cell Network published 19 research summaries on diseases ranging from autism to wound healing, supplemented with additional general information about stem cells. These were consistently among the most-viewed content on the SCN website, and as a result were shared with the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation to be adapted and shared on their website. The Network also funded and published a series of ethics white papers and a booklet that provided information about stem cells and stem cell therapies to patients.

In the process, SCN cemented itself as a leading source of credible and easily accessible information for patients and their families when searching for answers about an ever-advancing field.


  • Nearly 200 people visited SCN’s disease summary pages daily in 2014.
  • 75 per cent of all traffic to the SCN website was on the public information pages; with the greatest number of visits going to the disease summaries, followed by the ethics whitepapers and general information pages.

  • With funds secured through a Public Outreach Award, Master, Z. and Caulfield, T. “Patient Booklet: What you need to know about stem cell therapies,” was published in February 2014.

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