Stem Cell Genomics

SCN’s Gene Expression Project was made possible through the Network’s collaborative approach to research, and the Project’s use of a single centre to undertake a standardized analysis of hundreds of stem cell lines allowed for the creation of pertinent data and meta-data to be accessed by thousands of researchers around the world.

story-genomics-1In order to better understand what genetic factors trigger stem cells to make specific differentiation decisions, the Stem Cell Network united a large team of researchers to put their minds together. The Stem Cell Genomics project, launched in 2001, developed one of the world’s most extensive genomics databases to provide readily accessible information about stem cell genetics. StemBase leveraged SCN’s collaborative network and used a single centre to undertake a standardized analysis of hundreds of stem cell lines to develop pertinent data and meta-data of use to thousands of researchers in Canada and around the world.

The Stem Cell Genomics Project was also part of the foundation for the International Regulome Consortium (IRC), a $140-million, Canadian-led initiative that was launched in 2006 to map the regulome—the cellular “circuit board” that regulates genetic expression in the formation and functioning of cells. Members of the IRC from Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States worked together within the IRC to characterize, identify and validate factors that regulate gene transcription—findings that fed back into the StemBase database.

With users from over 36 countries, SCN’s Stem Cell Genomics Project had created a global resource with far reaching impacts for the entire field of stem cell research.


  • StemBase was the largest stem cell gene expression database in the world at its height, with 217 samples from 62 experiments and over 700 registered users from 36 countries across the globe
  • The International Regulome Consortium, a $140-million Canadian-led initiative

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