Stem Cell Network Welcomes Federal Support for Research Staff in Canada

May 15, 2020 (Ottawa, ON) — Today, Prime Minister Trudeau announced $450 million to help Canada’s research community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada’s Stem Cell Network (SCN) welcomes and applauds the government for this critical investment.

Dr. Michael Rudnicki, SCN Scientific Director & CEO, commented, “This new funding will provide essential support for stem cell and regenerative medicine research teams across Canada. It will ensure that highly qualified personnel who work within regenerative medicine labs can continue to drive innovative research forward that will bring about new stem cell-based treatments and therapies for the benefit of all Canadians.”

With this important financial infusion, research efforts taking place in hospitals, institutes and universities will be able to more efficiently and effectively get back to work. The Stem Cell Network is currently supporting 16 translational research projects, including five clinical trials. Over 200 scientists and trainees are involved with these projects, which are focused on diseases and illness such as heart disease, type 1 diabetes, severe burns, vision loss and COVID-19. Today’s announcement will help to ensure these projects can advance in a timely manner and be supported by Canada’s best and brightest.


About the Stem Cell Network
Tomorrow’s health is here. The Stem Cell Network (SCN) is a national non-profit that supports stem cell and regenerative medicine research, training the next generation of highly qualified personnel, and delivering outreach activities across Canada. SCN’s goal is to advance science from the lab to the clinic for the benefit of Canadians. SCN has been supported by the Government of Canada since inception in 2001. This strategic funding, valued at $118M, has benefitted approximately 170 world-class research groups and 3,000 trainees and has catalyzed 24 clinical trials. stemcellnetwork.ca