Stem Cell Network has a mandate to engage the public in the expanding field of stem cell research. 

SCN’s funded investigators regularly participate in public engagement activities that help inform Canadians about the progress and challenges that exist within the regenerative medicine sector. In addition, SCN supports members of its policy research community in bringing together diverse groups of people to discuss perspectives and activities related to issues such as unproven stem cell therapies, regulation of stem cell research and treatments. Moving forward, SCN will also be focused on working with patients and patient representative groups to ensure they are informed about stem cell therapies, clinical trials; and to gather patient input critical for moving research into the clinic.

What is StemCellTalks?

StemCellTalks is a national outreach initiative that promotes stem cell discovery and dialogue in high school classrooms across Canada.

Made possible through a partnership between Canada’s Stem Cell Network and Let’s Talk Science, StemCellTalks takes the form of a full-day (half-day when virtual), highly interactive symposium that provides youth with the unique opportunity to connect with experts in the stem cell community and explore fundamental questions such as: What is a stem cell? How are stem cells used? What constitutes safe, effective and ethical stem cell therapies?

Since the inaugural symposium in 2010 in Toronto, StemCellTalks is now being offered in nine cities/sites across Canada, supported by stem cell researchers and event coordinators at post-secondary institutions.

  • Montréal (McGill University)
  • Toronto (University of Toronto – St. George Campus)
  • Guelph (University of Guelph)
  • Hamilton (McMaster University)
  • London (Western University)
  • Ottawa (University of Ottawa)
  • Edmonton (University of Alberta)
  • Calgary (University of Calgary)
  • Vancouver (University of British Columbia)

StemCellTalks are typically offered between March and June each year. To check out upcoming StemCellTalks click here

If you are a student or educator interested in StemCellTalks please contact: Emmanuelle Carty at

If you are a stem cell researcher, trainee, or expert interested in getting involved and sharing your expertise, please contact: Samantha Rae Ayoub at


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