Stem cell research was pioneered by two Canadians in the 1960s and Canada has been a world leader in this space ever since. Since 2001, the Stem Cell Network (SCN) has transformed stem cell research, bringing it closer to the clinic and marketplace. But we are in danger of falling behind and losing out on the health and economic advantages this research holds. 

Without stable and predictable funding support the Stem Cell Network will come to an end on March 31, 2019. Other nations that are investing in regenerative medicine will be the first to benefit. Their populations will be first in line for new therapies, rather than Canadians. Their economies will see new job opportunities and technologies emerge.

An investment in stem cell research is an investment in the future. This is our science. It’s Canada’s time. 

 How to help

Tell government leaders you support sustained and predictable funding for stem cell and regenerative medicine research. You can do this by:

    1. Signing our change.org petition 
    2. Send a letter to Minister Morneau using this template
    3. Taking part in our #WeAreStemCells social media campaign
      1. Follow #WeAreStemCells and retweet posts by SCN
      2. Record your own short video (see examples below) using this script

“My name is ______ at [institution] and I am working with stem cells to find new treatments for ______ (disease).
An investment in stem cell research is an investment in the future
This is our science. It’s Canada’s time.”

and share it on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Please include #wearestemcells and #stemcells and tag: @StemCellNetwork @KirstyDuncanMP @Bill_Morneau

Example videos