Success Stories


The Stem Cell Network has made an enormous impact on the field of stem cell research in Canada. SCN’s investments have led to evidence-based policy frameworks, innovative clinical trials, new commercial opportunities, a united national research community and the long-term capacity to ensure Canada remains a leader in stem cell research beyond 2015.


The Stem Cell Network’s mandate included engaging patients, youth and the public at large in the field of stem cell research. Investments in numerous outreach programs to inform Canadians of all stripes, and also integrate the public’s perspectives into its initiatives, ensured SCN was successful in doing so.


The Stem Cell Network’s research portfolio focused on several major areas of Canadian expertise, complementing large investments in ethical, legal and social issues, stem cell expansion, drug discovery, stem cell plasticity, cancer stem cells and genomics with smaller, more targeted projects. This strategy paved the way for significant impacts in each research area.


The Stem Cell Network has invested heavily in the training and career development of the next generation of stem cell researchers in Canada, ensuring that the future of this exciting field is in good hands.