Till & McCulloch Meetings

The Stem Cell Network’s Annual General Meeting, which metamorphosed into the Till & McCulloch Meetings, is a one-of-a-kind venue for trainees and young scientists to network and gain experience in the competitive field of regenerative medicine.

To get a leg up in the competitive field of stem cell research, young scientists are always seeking opportunities to gain experience and build their professional networks. The Stem Cell Network saw just such an opportunity in its Annual General Meeting, and built it into a scientific conference with a strong focus on trainees.

story-tillMccollloch-1Although the first SCN AGM was a closed session of 50 scientists talking about their research, attendance was quadrupled in 2003 when SCN also invited representatives from industry, government and the not-for-profit sectors—and, most notably, trainees—to attend. The meeting proved to be a vital venue for these attendees to form collaborations and share cutting-edge science. SCN focused on the trainee experience in particular by supporting young scientists with travel reimbursement, networking opportunities, workshops, presentation opportunities and numerous awards for top trainee presenters.

To build on that success and ensure the continuation of this important research conference, SCN collaborated with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) in 2012 to launch the Till & McCulloch Meetings. The establishment of the Meetings ensured that the country’s biggest and best stem cell and regenerative medicine research meeting could continue to grow and thrive as an annual venue for the stem cell community to gather form new collaborations, and to offer unique and vital opportunities to Canada’s next generation of stem cell researchers.


  • Attendance at annual meetings:
    • 50 in 2001;
    • 64 in 2002;
    • 190 in 2003;
    • 379 in 2004;
    • 277 in 2005;
    • 199 in 2006;
    • 402 in 2007;
    • 356 in 2008;
    • 337 in 2009;
    • 344 in 2010;
    • 452 in 2012;
    • 416 in 2013;
    • 460 in 2014

  • 62 trainee oral presentations at Till & McCulloch Meetings from 2012-2014
  • 607 poster presentations at Till & McCulloch Meetings from 2012-2014

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