Establishing International Partnerships


The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform (UKRMP) and Stem Cell Network (SCN)  are committed to translating stem cell and regenerative medicine science from the lab to clinical applications. Both organizations are dedicated to training the next generation of regenerative medicine scientists and as such are seeking to form an international partnership to enable PhD students, technicians, post-doctoral associates and fellows the opportunity to expand their networks, develop new skills and form collaborations between the two countries.

We aim to deliver a series of events and opportunities which are desirable to highly trained professionals within the field of regenerative medicine. We are planning to develop a scientist exchange programme and to hold job fairs, talent exposés and workshops to encourage UK and Canadian scientists to interact and expand their networks. If you would like to suggest an opportunity that we have not yet thought of, please get in touch with one of the UKRMP project managers: Zoe Hewitt, Robin Morton or Bohwon Kim or at SCN in Canada: Jon Draper.

Connecting Canada and the UK Part 1: Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Symposium

This symposium was the first in a two parts series aimed at introducing the wealth of research being undertaken in each of the two countries, featuring talks from expert speakers working in the areas of stem cells and regenerative medicine for discovery or in the development/clinical translation of stem cell and regenerative medicine therapies. Participants are encouraged to attend to take this opportunity to expand their networks internationally.

Connecting Canada and the UK Part 2: Networking Event

To support the launch of the International Exchange Programme, SCN and MRC with the support of UKRMP are hosting a networking event scheduled for Tuesday, July 19 , from 11 am – 1 pm ET/4 pm – 6 pm BST. The purpose of this event is to give principal investigators a platform to promote their research program to potential exchange scientists, to provide scientists in the early stages of their career an opportunity to connect with exchange hosts they are interested in working with, as well as to encourage further communication and collaboration between the UK and Canada.