Stem Cell Network TERMIS-AM 2022 3D Bioprinting Pre-Conference Workshop Travel Awards

*This award is for trainees who have submitted an abstract that was approved by TERMIS-AM

 Tissue engineering holds the potential to transform drug discovery and clinical practice for regenerative medicine. While the creation of whole organs is a long-term goal, 3D bioprinted tissues already show promise in improving patient care as implantable therapeutic tissues and as more predictive models in drug development. A multitude of strategies have arisen to recapitulate the structural and functional complexity of human tissue using additive manufacturing methods. A common challenge in the field is that biomaterials that preserve cell viability and promote function may not meet the structural and mechanical requirements of the application.

Stem Cell Network is pleased to host the “3D Bioprinting: Principles and Strategies for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine” pre-conference workshop as part of the TERMIS-AM 2022 (Toronto, Canada; July 11-13, 2022) meeting in partnership with Aspect Biosystems and Fluidform Inc. This pre-conference workshop will be run 1PM to 4PM Eastern Time on Sunday, July 10, 2022, and focuses on strategies to overcome challenges in tissue engineering using extrusion-based bioprinting methods. Visit TERMIS-AM to register for the pre-conference workshop.

SCN is providing a limited number of awards to cover travel and accommodation costs associated with attending this 3D bioprinting pre-conference workshop. See Travel Award application procedure below.

The 3D Bioprinting: Principles and Strategies for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine workshop will feature expert speakers working in the field and a panel discussion with industry leaders on the commercialization and translation of 3D bioprinting. The talks will be followed by technology demonstrations of Aspect Biosystems’ microfluidic 3D bioprinting technology and FluidForm’s FRESH printing platform. Both technologies offer strategies for creating complex tissue structures while promoting tissue function.

Workshop Learning objectives

  • Introduce attendees to basic concepts of 3D bioprinting, including an overview of the technology and an understanding of the advantages and capabilities
  • Understand current and future applications for 3D bioprinting, including the benefits and challenges associated with different use scenarios
  • Expose attendees to demonstrations of the 3D bioprinting hardware, software and platform technologies used to design and produce 3D bioprinted tissues



  • Trainee has submitted an abstract that was approved by TERMIS-AM
  • SCN will provide financial support up to a maximum of $2,000 per successful applicant, on a reimbursement basis. This support can be used to cover flights between the city where TERMIS-AM 2022 is taking place and the home city of the successful applicant, ground transportation, accommodation, and meals not provided by the event.
  • SCN will cover the 3D bioprinting pre-conference workshop registration costs.
  • Note that this award does NOT cover registration fees for the main TERMIS-AM 2022 conference.
  • There are a limited amount of funds that will be awarded on a first-come, first-considered basis, subject to approval by SCN management.


  • Candidates must be a Trainee or Highly Qualified Personnel (i.e. graduate student, post-doctoral fellow, research assistant or research associate) working in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine in a Canadian lab.
  • The applicant needs to clearly justify their attendance at TERMIS-AM 2022 and the 3D printing pre-conference workshop, and explain how attending the meeting will benefit their research project, career goals and the work of their home lab.
  • The applicant must provide proof of registration for TERMIS-AM 2022, including registration in the 3D Bioprinting pre-conference workshop.
  • Applicants living in the same city where TERMIS-AM 2022 is taking place (Toronto, Ontario) will not be considered for travel support.

There are a limited amount of funds that will be awarded on a first-come, first-considered basis, subject to approval by SCN management. All those interested in applying must complete an application form (found at this link) by Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

In addition to completing the application form, SCN requires a full letter of support from your current supervisor detailing how your attendance at TERMIS-AM 2022 and the 3D Bioprinting pre-conference workshop will benefit your research and the lab’s stem cell research program as a whole. Letters should be e-mailed by supervisors directly to Ellie Arnold, at the same time you submit your application online.

A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of SCN receiving the submitted support letter. If a confirmation email is NOT received from SCN within 24 hours of submission it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact SCN and ensure that all application materials have been received by SCN.

By accepting a SCN TERMIS-AM 2022 Travel Award, the recipient agrees to provide a short report describing the value of the training and networking opportunities made available through the award. This information will be used at SCN’s discretion on its website, newsletters and for the purpose of reporting to its funding agency. Please note that expense reimbursement will be processed only once the completed report is received at the SCN office.

For further information on applying for a SCN TERMIS-AM 2022 Travel Award, please contact Ellie Arnold at



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