Till & McCulloch Meetings

The origins of the Till & McCulloch Meetings date back to 2001 with the formation of the Stem Cell Network. Originally known as the Stem Cell Network’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), it began as a closed session of 50 scientist talking about their research. In 2003, attendance quadrupled when SCN also invited representatives from industry, government and the not-for-profit sectors—and, most notably, trainees—to attend. The meeting proved to be a vital venue for these attendees to form collaborations and share cutting-edge science. SCN focused on the trainee experience in particular by supporting young scientists with travel reimbursement, networking opportunities, workshops, presentation opportunities and numerous awards for top trainee presenters.

In 2005, SCN inaugurated the Till & McCulloch Award in honour of Canadian scientists James Till and Ernest McCulloch, whose pioneering work established the field of stem cell research. This award is presented each year at the Till & McCulloch Meetings to one researcher in Canada in recognition of his or her exceptional contributions to global stem cell research in that year.

To build on its early success and ensure the continuation of this important conference, SCN collaborated with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) in 2012 to re-brand the annual conference as the Till & McCulloch Meetings. The establishment of the Meetings ensured that the country’s stem cell and regenerative medicine research community would continue to have a venue for collaboration and the sharing of important research.

Fast forward to present day and the Till & McCulloch Meetings continue as Canada’s premier stem cell research event, bringing together stem cell scientists, clinicians, ethicists, industry experts and policy-makers from Canada and abroad. The event showcases Canada’s place in the global stem cell ecosystem and provides a tremendous opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

2021 Conference

When: November 15 – 17, 2021
Where: Online

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