About the Stem Cell Network

To capitalize upon Canada’s competitive advantage in stem cell research for the benefit of Canadians

Supporting and building a national stem cell and regenerative medicine research network has been the raison d’être of the Stem Cell Network (SCN) since its inception in 2001.

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What are stem cells?

Stem cells are our bodies’ building blocks. They are different from other cells because they have the potential to differentiate into any cell type and can renew themselves, which means they can heal blood, tissue and organs.

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Stem Cell Network joins BioTalent Canada national partnership network

Ottawa, October 22, 2020— BioTalent Canada today announced the Stem Cell Network (SCN) has joined on as a Gold Plus Partner. SCN joins a group of more than 30 organizations that have joined BioTalent Canada under its Partnership Plus Program. “BioTalent Canada’s extensive network of industry partners spans the entirety of the biotechnology sector and …

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