On May 16, SCN was pleased to allocate $8.92 million to support 24 research projects and clinical trials across the country, with 23 partner organizations committing $9.44 million of in kind or cash support.

This investment is the result of SCN’s second and final two funding competitions for the 2022-2025 period to support world-class regenerative medicine research and clinical trials. The projects and clinical trials cover 14 different disease areas and illnesses such as, brain disorders, diabetes, heart and lung disease, cancer and spinal cord injury.

As part of this funding competition, which opened in September 2022, 65 applications were received for consideration. These applications were assessed through an international peer review for scientific merit, and then considered for strategic fit by SCN’s Research Management Committee. To read more about SCN’s Research Funding Program and Peer Review Process, click here.

When Round 2 results are combined with the results of SCN’s Round 1 funding competition, a total of $28.4 million will be distributed to support stem cell and regenerative medicine research projects and clinical trials with $31.8 million in partner funding for the 2022-2025 funding period. This is the largest injection of funding into research in SCN’s history.

SCN 2022-2025 Round 2 Funding Results:

Clinical Trials Awards

Accelerating Clinical Translation Awards

Fueling Biotechnology Partnerships Awards

Impact Awards

Impact Awards: ELSI Stream