Better health and future prosperity depend on the skills, expertise and innovative mindset of the next generation. SCN and its partners provide specialized training to ensure highly qualified personnel (HQP) are well-placed to compete in Canada’s knowledge-based economy and equipped with the skills to work in the RM labs and biotech companies of today and tomorrow.

In 2020, SCN released a report entitled: Training Tomorrow’s Research Leadersoutlining the impacts of nearly 20 years of our training program. To learn more about the career paths and employment trends of SCN trainees click here.

Some examples of our programs include:

Workshops and Courses:
SCN workshops and courses are delivered by subject matter experts from across Canada and are designed to level-up trainees and their PIs in topics relevant to stem cells and regenerative medicine research and translation. 
Industry Internships and Academic Fellowships:
These awards provide regenerative medicine trainees with opportunities to develop specific skills and experience that will directly benefit both their research projects and future career progression.
Travel Awards Program:
SCN offers a variety of travel awards to support trainees/HQP to learn and collaborate by enabling them to attend international and national workshops and courses.

SCN would like to acknowledge the contributions and support from the Government of Canada, the SCN Training & Education and Trainee Communications Committees and our workshop and event partners, through which these knowledge translation activities have been made possible.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are our bodies’ building blocks. They are different from other cells because they have the potential to differentiate into any cell type and can renew themselves, which means they can heal blood, tissue and organs.

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