SCN’s 2019 research funding competition now open

In the early in 1960s Canadian researchers Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch first proved the existence of stem cells. Their seminal studies launched the international field of stem cell research. Since then Canadian researchers have built upon their work, developing a research enterprise that encompasses not only stem cell biology but also its application in the clinical setting, drug discovery and cell and tissue engineering.

The Stem Cell Network is the national leader for stem cell and regenerative medicine research and has been providing support since 2001. By fostering a research culture and community that embraces a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach, SCN has pushed the boundaries of what was a basic research area towards translational outcomes for patients and emerging businesses. In 2018/19, SCN provided $4M for 24 high-potential research projects: three clinical trials, seven disease teams, and 14 impact projects. SCN has invested $100M in innovative translational research, training and outreach since its inception.

Till & McCulloch Meetings

The Till & McCulloch Meetings gather stem cell scientists, clinicians, ethicists and policy-makers from Canada and abroad. The event showcases Canada’s place in the global stem cell ecosystem and provides a tremendous opportunity for stakeholders to network with international peers.

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In the news

SCN Launches Funding Competition to Support Translational Stem Cell Research Across Canada

June 13, 2019 (Ottawa) The Stem Cell Network is pleased to launch a new national research funding competition comprised of four translational research programs in stem cell and regenerative medicine. The first round opened today to support innovative research that will ultimately realize both health and economic benefits for Canadians. Over the next three years, SCN …

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