Stem Cell Network launches a new national research funding competition

August 4, 2022 (Ottawa) – Today the Stem Cell Network (SCN) announced the second and final of two national research funding competitions planned for SCN’s 2022-2025 funding cycle. This new competition will support world-class, translational, regenerative medicine research, across the research continuum for the 2023-2025 period, to facilitate health, social and economic benefits for Canadians.

The five funding programs available are:

  • Impact Awards: SCN will provide up to $250,000 to support proof-of-principle experiments, including novel therapeutic or technical approach development that will drive regenerative medicine therapies forward.
  • Impact Awards: ELSI Stream: SCN will provide up to $200,000 to support knowledge creation and translation of regenerative medicine research for targeted stakeholders and/or users.
  • Accelerating Clinical Translation Awards: SCN will provide up to $600,000 to support multi-disciplinary research that is moving towards the clinic within five years; or is addressing a key research question associated with an ongoing clinical trial.
  • Clinical Trial Awards: SCN will provide up to $750,000 to support early-stage clinical trial projects with high translational potential.
  • Fueling Biotechnology Partnerships Awards: SCN will provide up to $400,000 to support academic partnerships with emerging Canadian regenerative medicine biotechnology companies to bring innovative technologies or therapies to the clinic or market.

The competition will open on Thursday, September 1, 2022, and support research activities during the 2023 to 2025 time period. A technical briefing will be held via Zoom on August 17 at 1pm ET. Interested applicants are encouraged to register here.

For program information and details on how to apply, visit the Research Funding Opportunities section on the Stem Cell Network website.


“For this new funding competition, SCN is pleased to launch five regenerative medicine research programs that focus on innovation, clinical translation, policy and societal impact, and commercialization. This competition will support critical research across the country led by talented Canadian researchers who are working avidly to bring cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies and technologies to patients.”

– Cate Murray, President & CEO, Stem Cell Network

“We are thrilled to be launching this competition which will continue to help advance stem cell and regenerative medicine research and bring new therapies and technologies into the clinic and marketplace. SCN is pleased to offer a range of programs that span the research pipeline, and we look forward to fueling research activity and advancements for years to come.”

– Michael Rudnicki, O.C., Ph.D., FRS, FRSC, Scientific Director, Stem Cell Network


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The Stem Cell Network (SCN) is a Canadian not-for-profit that supports stem cell and regenerative medicine research; training the next generation of highly qualified personnel; and knowledge mobilization and transfer of stem cell and regenerative medicine research. From the lab to the clinic, SCN’s goal is to power life-saving therapies and technologies through regenerative medicine research for the benefit of all. Created in 2001, with support from the Government of Canada, the Network has grown from a few dozen labs to more than 200 world-class research groups, supporting over 200 research projects and more than 25 clinical trials. Since its inception, over 20 biotech companies have been catalyzed or enhanced and more than 5,000 highly qualified personnel have been trained. In 2021, the Government of Canada demonstrated its continuing trust and support in SCN with an investment of $45 million for the 2022–2025 period.