The purpose of the Stem Cell Network – Heart & Stroke Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women’s Heart and/or Brain Health is to attract new qualified, promising post-doctoral scientists entering their professional career at the intersection of stem cells, regenerative medicine, and women’s heart and brain health research. Successful applicants will pursue research, including stem cell and regenerative medicine approaches that can be used to investigate, treat, or cure heart and/or brain diseases that predominantly affect women. This award is up to two years in duration and is intended for those in a relatively early stage in their post-doctoral career.

This competition is currently closed.

Congratulations to the Stem Cell Network – Heart & Stroke Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women’s Heart and/or Brain Health Recipient!

Yimu Zhao, Ph.D.
PI: Milica Radisic, Ph.D., and Slava Epelman, Ph.D.
University Health Network
Project Title: High-fidelity heart-on-a-chip for modeling mitochondrial therapy in ischemia reperfusion injury


Dr. Zhao’s research focuses on the creation of a “heart on a chip” model to evaluate the potential of mitochondrial transplantation as a treatment for heart attacks. Mitochondria, often called the powerhouses of our cells, play a crucial role by generating energy essential for cell function. In the context of heart attacks, damaged mitochondria can contribute to tissue injury. Dr. Zhao’s goal is to use this innovative approach to restore function and repair injured tissue following a heart attack. This promising work has the potential to significantly advance our understanding of cardiac regeneration and improve the lives of those affected by heart disease. Dr. Zhao has been awarded $60,000 per year to complete the two-year fellowship at the University Health Network in Toronto, Ontario.

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