Amie Phinney, PhD, MBA, Senior Director, Program Development and Partnership team, adMare BioInnovations

As the Sr. Director for the Program Development and Partnership team at adMare BioInnovations, Amie Phinney uses her biomedical research and business background to create and guide scientific collaborations.

Most recently, Amie was at Northwestern University in Chicago, where she led an academic-VC partnership aimed at translating academic discoveries into novel therapeutics.

Prior to Northwestern University, she gained extensive experience managing academic-pharma collaborations and biotech-pharma alliances at Abbott and AbbVie Labs in Chicago.

Amie first transitioned into pharma following post-docs at the University of Toronto and Free University of Amsterdam, as a Sr. Scientist at Solvay Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands. After five years leading pre-clinical research teams, she transitioned to specialize in managing partnered scientific teams.

Amie received her BSc at University of Guelph, her PhD in Biomedical Research at the University of Basel in Switzerland, and her MBA at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management in Chicago.