Gregory Korbutt, Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Alberta; Scientific Director, Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility; Director, Alberta Diabetes Institute’s Histology Core Lab

Dr. Korbutt is a Professor in the Department of Surgery, Scientific Director of the Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing Facility and Director of the Alberta Diabetes Institute’s Histology Core Lab. The main objective of Dr. Korbutt’s research is to develop a more accessible source of insulin producing tissue for transplantation into patients with type 1 diabetes. To address the shortage problem, Dr. Korbutt has taken the approach of using xenogeneic islets (neonatal porcine islets) and stem cell derived insulin producing beta cells as a potential sources of islets for transplantation. Currently, his lab is focusing on several key questions including: Developing a clinically applicable extra hepatic transplant site and creating a localized immuno-protective environment to prevent islet cell rejection.